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Chlorine Starter Kit

Chlorine Starter Kit

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The Crystal Water Spa start up kits are designed to get your spa up and running with selected products in one box for your initial spa treatment. Depending on your water balance you may need to purchase additional chemicals not included in the kit.

Kit Contains:

  • Spa Chlor
  • pH decrease
  • pH buffer
  • Calcium Hardener
  • Aquacheck pool and spa test strips
  • Instructions


Choosing between Bromine and Chlorine


  • More stable at higher temperatures than chlorine
  • More potent at higher pH levels than chlorine
  • Bromides are reactivated by superchlorinating
  • Bromamines are still active sanitizers, with low odor
  • Adds no cyanuric acid or calcium to the water


  • Bromine tablets are more expensive than chlorine
  • Bromine is not as widely available as chlorine
  • Bromine is not as effectively stabilized from the sun


  • More widely available than bromine
  • Much cheaper than bromine, up to 40% less
  • Can be stabilized from the sun with cyanuric acid
  • Higher percentage of available sanitizer


  • Chloramines are weak sanitizers and gas-off more readily
  • Less effective at high pH levels above 7.8
  • Stabilized chlorine products add cyanuric acid, which can rise too high
  • Warm or hot water temperatures rapidly depletes chlorine
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