NZ Owned & Operated

Portable Spas are the only fully dedicated portable spa specialists in New Zealand.
We are Auckland based and 100% Kiwi owned.

Indulge Yourself

Whether youā€™re looking to indulge at home, your Bach or during a well-earned staycation, our portableĀ Spas range offers inflatable spas that are the best value and easiest to assemble on the market.

Join us in enjoying the experience of pure relaxation, and great chats with friends and family with your new Portable Spa.

Family Friendly

If you have a family, the entire line of MSpa is equipped with the children safety lock allowing parents to lock the hot tubs when their children may access. In children safety mode, the controller is locked and all buttons will not work. The spa will remain its previous status.

Our Spas are made with Rhino-Tech 6 layer reinforcedĀ fabric. Rhino-Tech is a trusted material that offers six layers which are, UV protection, PVC on either side, a laminated fabric layer, and a double sided reinforced coated layer. Frost and tear resistant, we are proud to use this eco-friendly, and robust material.

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