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Enjoy the Moment

Portable Spas is the only fully dedicated portable spa specialist in New Zealand.

Our aim is to make the luxury spa experience accessible to more New Zealand homes.

Discover incredible relaxation for for your mind, body, and soul in our modern inflatable and portable spas, all packed with high tech features and quality design.

Enjoy the Moment.

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    NZ 's Portable Spa Experts

  • 12 Month Warranty

    For your peace of mind

  • 30 Day Return*

    Portable Spas Guarantee

  • New Zealand

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Superior Features

Our spas use the latest technology and include premium features like high tech controllers, self-inflation, smart filtration and so much more!

Check out our spa range to see the features for each spa.


    All your spa controls in one convenient unit! Easily control your spa from your sleek and foldable touch screen.


Utilizing THE built-in control box, there is no need to fumble with fussy connectors. Simply connect your hose and click the bubble button to watch your spa rise.


    Our light up spas feature LED lighting to make your spa glow. Translucent fabric elements allow beautiful patterns to shine through.


For maximum heating performance, we use a 2200W PTC heater in selected Spas. This heater intelligently allocates power according to the active functions. So even when enjoying the dynamic massage, the water never gets cold.