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Oslo Spa

Oslo Spa

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Our new Oslo Spa is not only stunning, but features the latest in Spa technology.

This beautiful spa provides the rigidity of a traditional spa while sporting our signature portability and ease of installation.

Enjoy multiple hydromassage jets in addition to our variable air bubbling technology while a beautiful remote controlled light strip adds a sense of luxury, creating unparalleled ambiance.

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 30 Day Return*
  • NZ Owned & Operated


Size and Weight:
Height: 65cm (26″)
Width: 160cm (63″)
Net Weight: 117.5 kg (259 lb)
Filled Weight: 968 kg (2,104 lb)

Water Capacity (6 Person):
850 Litres

Control System:
220 – 240v / 50 Hz


Massage Air Jet:
720W – 3 levels (300W, 500W, 720W)

Jet Pump:

Hydro Massage System:
Air Bubbling System: 120 Jets
Hydro Jets: 4 Sets (8 adjustable nozzles)

Heat Increasing Rate: 1.6 – 2.2°C per hour
Max. Water Temperature: 40°C (104°F)

Filter Pump:
Circulated Water Flow: 1800 Liters (545 Gallons) per hour

Integrated Generator: 5.5W
Ozone Output: 30 – 50Mg/Hr

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Say goodbye to the days of reaching over your spa or worse, having to get out of your relaxing soak just to change some settings. Have full control of your MSpa at all times right at your fingertips. Enjoy the easiest operation and usability through our intuitive UI. Easily receive tips, notices, and alarm messages on the go so you’re always in the loop.


All your spa controls in one convenient unit! Easily control your spa from your easy to use control center. The OSLO’s sleek and foldable OLED touch screen allows you to effortlessly reach and manage all your spa features from the comfort of your spa.

LED Lighting System

Take your spa experience to the next level with beautiful lighting. Our light up spas feature an LED light strip at the bottom to make your spa GLOW. Translucent fabric elements allow beautiful patterns to shine through for a truly romantic environment for your evening soaks. Switch colours based on your mood and enjoy late into the night.

Oslo Spa Technology

The Oslo Spa is packed with the latest technology. To learn more about these smart features see our Technology Page.

mspa app

hydro jets control box

hydro jets

Variable Bubble Speeds

Heat Tech

Energy Saving Timer

anti-icing system

smart filtration

uvc sanitizer

o3 ozonator

anti-bacterial fabric

child safety lock

Oslo Spa Box Contents

Oslo Spa

Foldable ground mat

Square Inflatable bladder

Square cover with buckle

Air water stopper caps

Chemical Dispenser

Filter Base 2 x Cartridge

Garden hose adapter

Inflation hose

LED Strip


Oslo Owners Manual

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