Setup FAQ's

Setup FAQ's

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Where is the best place to setup my Spa?
The most suitable surface is a smooth, flat, even surface that is capable of uniformly supporting the entire filled weight of your Spa plus the weight of the users. Positioning your MSpa on an uneven surface can cause unequal pressure on one side of the spa which will increase the likelihood of your liner failing.

Power Supply: When setting up your power supply you need to consider having a power supply that is close enough for the cable to reach (length of the cable is 4.2m)

Surroundings: Placing your MSpa near a windbreak such as a fence will help to reduce wind exposure, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when required.

How do I know when the spa is properly inflated?
The manometer attached on the valve cap or inflation hose will show the spa inflation status. Please refer to the user manual or read instructions printed beside the air valve. Always read the manometer to ensure that the spa is filled at the proper air pressure for the conditions.

NOTE: Over-inflation can cause damage to spa liner. Complaints caused by misoperation will not be covered by the warranty.


Is it easy to drain an Spa?
Simply use the drain adapter to attach a hosepipe to the spa then open the stopper cap to the inside of the spa to allow for the drainage of the majority of the spa’s water. Any remaining water can then be tipped out from the spa. Alternatively, a Pool and Drain Pump can be used to extract the water.

Drain valve

Heating Section

How long does it take to heat up my Spa?
This can vary greatly depending on the temperature of the fresh water that goes into the spa. The ambient air temperature and which MSpa model you have (the higher the capacity of water, the longer the spa will take to heat up).

The MSpa heats the water via a circulating pump and heats up at approx. 1.3-1.8°C per hour. Ensuring that the spa is well insulated and that the Lid is on will also greatly help!

How can I heat up my Spa more efficiently?
To reduce waiting time, it is suggested to use the heat preservation mat and the inflatable bladder for more efficient heating up.

A heat preservation mat or an inflatable bladder is not a standard accessory in the package. See our  Accessories to order one.

How many degrees does the water drop if the Spa is turned off in the evening?
According to our tests, it takes approx. 5 hours before it has gone down by 1-2 degrees.

Why is the spa heating up higher than the set temperature?
When heating the water, the water in the spa circulates continuously, so the actual water temperature may vary from the detected water temperature (shown on the LED display) by as much as approximately 1°C.

When the heating temperature exceeds the set value, the heating function will stop and the heater will be at rest. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically reheat to the set value.

In rare cases, if the temperature shown on the LED display is much higher than the set value, please stop using the spa and contact us.

My Spa stopped heating, what do I do?
In most cases this is a simple two step reset. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the spa off and pull the yellow rip cord cable under the heater unit.
  2. Press reset on the RCD unit to turn spa back on.
  3. Press the test function on the RCD unit, making sure the spa turns off.
  4. Then press Reset to turn spa on.

After the above steps are completed, please follow the video instructions below:

Even if your unit doesn’t say E1 based off the video, it might be an air lock which will resolve this.



Spa Water Section

Do I need to use chemicals? Why?
Featuring the UVC sanitizer and the built-in O-Zone generator, an MSpa is the most intelligent portable spa in terms of self water treatment allows you to spend less time on monitoring the water quality. However, no matter how often or long you plan to use your spa, it is essential to treat the water in your Spa using Chemicals.

Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your Spa, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water. (It takes you only 5-10 minutes per week for water maintenance by using MSpa all-in-one water treatment package.)

Do I have to use chlorine in my Spa?
Yes, Chlorine a powerful sanitiser which is necessary to keep your spa clean and healthy.

How often should you test the Spa water?
We recommend that you use test strips approx. once a week.

How often should the ozone generator be used?
For maximum benefit from the ozone generator, we recommend having it for 15 minutes before and after use. It is not necessary to run the ozone generator for more than 15 minutes at a time.

How often should the water be changed?
It varies greatly how often you need to change the water in the Spa. It depends on how the Spa is used, maintenance of the water, the chemical balance in the water and on the water quality where you live. If the water is treated correctly and the filter is often cleaned and changed, the water can last an entire season. It is important that the lid of the spa is put on when not used so that the water stays cleaner.


Filter Section

How often should I wash and replace the filter?
We recommend between 4-6 weeks.
By changing the filter as recommended you will ensure fantastic water quality, and most importantly extended life of your spa.

Why does the filter function turn on automatically when I turn on the heater?
This is normal. The heater function cannot be switched on without the filter function automatically coming on.

Why is my filter light flashing?
This indicates you need to clean or replace your filter. To cancel flashing, hold down the filter button for 3 seconds.